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9 signs you are stuck in the wrong career

Your choices determine your career path. If you make wrong choices, you will come across signs that tell you so. Here are 9 signs that indicate you chose the wrong career:

1. Daydreaming at Work

Are you looking forward to the upcoming team offsite or the annual party? Do you wonder how your life would be if you had taken up another job? If staying away from work is all you dream about – even during working hours – you need change.

2.  Non-stop Complaining

If you find yourself telling your friends and family how bad your job is all the time, you have to re-think your work. Disliking and criticizing your work all the time is a sign for change.

3. No Initiative

Are you no longer motivated to take up more responsibilities? This may be because the work you perform is not challenging enough. Completing the task at hand becomes your motive instead of going the extra mile. You may no longer want to take the initiative and perform.

4.Mismatch between Expectations and Reality

At your first job, you will realize the difference between your expectations and the realities of work. If you cannot meet your career goals in the current job, then you are in the wrong job.

5. Alternate Careers

Most of your time is spent in thinking about places you could be in instead of your work desk. You are stuck at your current job because it pays you well but does not satisfy you. Hence, you are on the lookout for other jobs.

6. High Burnout Rate

When you are in a job that makes you unhappy, your enthusiasm dips. You get bored and your energy is low. Dragging yourself to work daily is a chore. If you find which aspect of your job leads to your boredom or exhaustion, you can find a solution.

7.  Envy

You may feel jealous when your friends enjoy their work. When you see others climb the corporate ladder, you realize that you could do better at work too.

8. Money Doesn’t Motivate You

You are no longer excited about the increments offered. Promotions affirm that you are doing well. But, if it doesn’t motivate you, you may be seeing them as a burden.

9. Chaotic Personal Life

When you are unhappy at work, your personal life suffers. You are frustrated and get angry over petty issues at home. Bonding with family members may weaken.

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