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EMC Corporation Interview Guide


Interview Guide and Keys to Success

EMC hires the best. We are very proud of our talented and dedicated workforce and believe they are our competitive edge. For this reason, we are very selective in our hiring process. When we meet with applicants, our discussions focus on discovering the skills, traits, and behaviors that tell us who you are and how well you'll fit into our work environment. Be prepared to answer questions about your course work, projects, and work experience—especially to demonstrate your problem-solving skills, initiative, and adaptability.

Tips for getting and acing your interview

Update your resume with your most recent work or student project experience. We want to see your ambition in action.

Do your homework on EMC and jot down some questions to ask during an interview/meeting.

Network, network, network. Ask your professors and career counselors about EMC and who they know, who has interned here, etc.

Attributes we look for and sample questions


Explain how you recently anticipated a problem before it occurred.

Cite an instance in which you had to solve a problem with little guidance or direction.

Describe a time when you put the needs of a group before your own when completing a task.

Recount a situation in which you had difficulties working with someone on a project. What did you do to improve the relationship?


Describe a difficult or complex project where you provided realistic time frames for task completion and regularly updated management on progress.

What goals do you have for your career? How do you plan to achieve those goals?

Cite an instance when a group you were leading failed or did not meet expectations. How did you take responsibility?

Provide an example of when you had two projects competing for your time. How did you prioritize? Were you able to keep your commitment to both projects?


Recall a time when you sought ways to create and improve the way in which work gets done.

When assigned a project, how do you approach it? Do you seek to merely meet the objectives, or do you make it your goal to go above and beyond? Give an example.

Describe a situation from which you learned quickly and overcame adversity or failure. Give an example of a time when the rules or structure of a project changed at the last minute. How did you react?


Cite an example of a situation where you admitted making a mistake. How did you approach the situation and what was the response?

Recount an instance when your integrity was tested (i.e., keeping a promise or confidence, being truthful).

Sense of urgency

Describe an instance when you had to anticipate obstacles in your action plan. What contingency plans did you prepare? What was the result?

Recount a situation when you faced demanding deadlines. What steps did you take to ensure that you achieved your goals by the deadline?


Provide an example of when you had to tailor a presentation or message for a certain group of people.

Describe a situation in which you successfully communicated with a difficult person.
Driving change

Give an example of a situation in which you recognized the need for change. How did you adapt your style to obtain results?

Recount a situation in which you constructively challenged an established procedure or way of doing things.

-Chief Administrative Officer.

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