The change of your life starts tonight

After work, is what determines your future! Spend one hour per day doing these 5 things and your life will change forever!

You finish work at 6 pm, go to bed at 12 midnight.

Within these six hours, how do you spend them?

Watching TV?

In fact, the activities you do between 6 am and 12 midnight, the importance of it is beyond your imagination.

Too many people believe that, your career is determined by the 8 hours of hard work and effort you put at work, and your future and career progression depend on the boss and the company.

But the reality is that for most people, this thing, you are on your own…..

Read on…

“Cultivation”, it’s forever dependent by yourself.

If you found yourself not progressing in life, you cannot blame and put the responsibility on your company for not grooming you. 

1. What you do every night is important

My major in college was marketing, but I expect to become a designer.

So I practiced day and night,

picking up some freelance work to improve my design skills.

It took me a long time.

When I became a boss, I no longer need to involve myself in design work,

So I went back to the Marketing field.

Every day, when my children are sleeping,

I began learning to gain more knowledge, this again took me a long time,

But I begin to realise my returns. 

If I rely on my working hours to gain skills, then I will never have become a creative director and a product manager, or like today, teaching MBA students on Marketing.

What I rely on, is myself giving myself “lessons”.

And the most successful people I knew, walked the same path as I am.

I have a friend who is a History graduate, but he is interested in technical sales,

In the day, he does telemarketing, at night he learns how to code,

Finally, he became the vice president of sales in a startup company.

Now, he’s a CTO.

I have another friend, he received a degree in political science.

But he’s very interested in entrepreneurship. He learnt a lot of knowledge on how to start up a company, eventually, he founded a company and sold it,

Now he has reaped the rewards.

For them, what they do between 6 pm till 12 midnight, is what determined their future.

Clearly, we need to balance life and work.

If you have a wife and children, every night, you have to stay with them.

Even if you are single, you also need a reasonable allocation of time to go to the gym, to meet with friends, or be alone to meditate and so on.

Of course, watching movies, playing games is good.

But there are things you do not need to do.

For example, watching the new season of a Netflix drama, 14 hours per week watching television (This is the average amount of time watching television).

The time spent playing the game Candy Crush.

Or spending time stalking your high school alumni on Facebook, it does not seem to be good.

So what should you do?

2. Read more, anything will do!

My college mentor was born in Alabama,

A poor African family.

He was admitted to West Point Military Academy, and he became the first person in the family to go college.

Before going to Havard for his MBA, he’s a trained officer.

When I met him, he has already developed his career in the city of Colorado Springs.

I asked him, what’s his biggest success?

He replied, because he kept the habit of reading, and he never stopped.

He believed that if you want to get what you want in life, knowledge is the key.

He often asked his interviewees what book are they reading now, the excellent ones can give an answer immediately.

Reading can give you a good headstart, this is often what your peers cannot obtain. Compared to others, you are more likely to know other industries strategies and tactics,

and that may be helpful to your company.
You can transfer your knowledge within the organization, create new possibilities for your company. Moreover, your conversation topics will become more interesting.

Anthony Robbins said:

“If you spend one hour a day to learn about a topic, a year later, in this regard, the knowledge you gain will be more than 99.999% of the world’s people.”

Even if you have 30 minutes every night, each week you can easily read a book. You may not be an expert, but I promise, you’ll know more than what your peers know.

3. Do some projects

You can apply the knowledge learnt to real work scenario, this is only an ideal state.

If your company did not give you this opportunity, create opportunities for yourself.

You can do some volunteer projects. They can bring you fame. Working with a team, you’ll understand how things work.

In the practical application of the industry, and how it ultimately affect actual customers. You’ll learn how to perform the task and meet deadlines, and get feedbacks on what you are doing, and benefit from it.

When you are not strong enough, these experience may not have any value to you.

But you are still a novice. These experiences are far more valuable than the miserable pay you are getting. If you can really convince others of your pockets of fruits of labour, Then go try it. But do not let these private jobs affect your work.

4. Actively build your connections

In your career path, a strong network of connections will make everything accelerate.

If you have not set up your own personal connections, you’ll need to divide a portion of your time to do this.

A strong network of relationships, can enable you:

contact smart friends, and learn their opinions get information and knowledge that are difficult to obtain help the company look for more potential partners or income generating opportunities
Go get to know your work colleague or boss. 

If you are an entrepreneur, your network connections will be your early customers, your staffs are a source of capital rather than go home, or going to a bar, you should find some inner circles.

There are many small groups which are highly relevant to your career.

You should try to integrate into these circles.

Every week, you can drink coffee together with new friends, go drinking or have breakfast.

You can also look into everyone’s career developments on LinkedIn.

And establish a network with mentors in those professional industries.

They may be your next job employer, who knows?

Your connections will be your most powerful asset in the workplace.

Since you have time to watch “The Voice of China”, you have time to build a social network.

5. The CHANGE of your LIFE starts TONIGHT

6 pm to 12 am, you go home, though physically and mentally tired, you are free to do anything and do not have to take orders from others.

During this time, you can switch off like switching off your computer at your workplace, switch off your brain.

But you can also do something, make you smarter, stronger, have a wider network of people.

From the start tonight, take an hour a day to do these things,

I guarantee that after a year, your career, and life will change.

6 mistakes freelancers need to avoid

Freelancing gives you freedom – freedom to work, freedom to make decisions, freedom to choose. But this freedom can be expensive if you don’t avoid the inevitable mistakes. Some mistakes you learn from and some you can avoid from the beginning. If you are already committing these mistakes, it’s time to correct them. Here are the six most common mistake freelancers must avoid:

1. Undervaluing Yourself

Do you feel that charging low for your work will attract more clients? It isn’t entirely true. Good clients look for good quality.   They seek value for their money. If you can provide good quality work to your clients, do not charge less. You could charge based on your education, skills and experience. Also, consider the costs you incur towards completing the task. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced freelancer, know your worth.

2. Ineffective Client Handling

The first impression is the last impression. But you must also strive to maintain that impression to get continuous work. Your focus should not be on just delivering quality work. Client servicing and meeting deadlines are equally important. Live by the rule – under promise and over deliver. A delighted client always comes back with more work and recommendations.

3. Improper Time Management

As a freelancer, you have the opportunity to work at your comfort. But your work will be affected if you neglect time. It is easy to push your task for later. On the flip side, it is not wise to work continuously. So, it is better to fix work timings for personal discipline.

4. Taking Extra Work

Unlike a salaried job, your freelancing income is variable. Extra work means more income. But overloading yourself is not a good idea. It is likely to affect quality. Know the limit of assignments you can take. Do not compromise on quality. Boredom and saturation are also related to overworking all the time. 

5. Restricting Yourself

You must know your limits, but also try to exceed them. Do not restrict yourself to taking up a specific kind of work from a specific category of clients. For example, if you are a graphic designer, don’t restrict yourself to designing brochures. Consider learning video making or digital painting to enhance your skillsets. Reach out to a new set of clients. The most successful freelancers are those surrounded by a strong supportive network.

6. Falling Prey to Distractions

When there is no one to supervise you, you are distracted. While working, you may be inclined to check your Facebook feed or see if someone has texted you. Control your urge to get distracted, especially during your working hours. Make the most out of the time available. This will help you grow as a freelancer.

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Internship teaches you professional skills

Benjamin Franklin once said – “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I may remember. Involve me and I learn”. Internships are a great opportunity to learn application of the theory learnt in school and college. It allows you to cultivate some of the crucial skillsets of work-life no books can teach. Here are some professional skills you will develop during an internship.

Formal communication

As a student, you develop your own jargon which is carried forward to your workplace. The work environment is a formal setup. Hence, your language and grammar should be appropriate. An internship is an eye-opener before a job. It teaches you how to convey your point correctly.


During an internship, you get to know professionals in your area of interest. They could be your colleagues at the office, fellow-interns, vendors, or agencies. Your friends, relatives, and professors are a part of the network too. But the real work lessons can be learnt from a professional set-up. You learn to build long-term relationships.Your network is a valuable learning source. It is an important tool that comes handy throughout your professional life.


College life makes a student complacent. To have a successful career, you need to inculcate some values like right attitude, hard work, and discipline. When you are marked late, you realize the value of punctuality. When your mentor points out the cut, copy, paste in a weekly report, you know your approach was wrong. As internships offer a glimpse of your working life, you realize the importance of these values and work-ethics.

Balancing work-life

To be truly happy and satisfied in your personal and professional life, you must learn to balance both. As you move up the career ladder and responsibilities increase, personal time becomes dearer. There is an important family function to attend at 6 pm and you have to submit aPowerPoint presentation or a report by 6.30 pm. Situations like these are common in the work place. Only when you face these situations do you learn to manage both aspects of your life.

Valuing deadlines

During college, the deadlines are either those set by the teachers or the ones you think are important. In the workplace, deadlines are set in stone. Project submission deadlines are fixed and cannot be changed. Especially, if the deadline is given by your customer or a third party. If you have delayed finishing your work, your mentor is likely to make you sit through the night to finish it. A forcefully cancelled movie or dinner is all it takes for you to value deadlines.


At every stage in life, you have to find solutions. But when solving a work problem, you are required to operate with some restrictions. These limitations are company policies, beliefs, and values. They could also be client’s expectations. Internships are an insight into a world of problem-solving within boundaries.

An internship teaches business etiquettes in a real-life situation. The experience gained during an internship gives you confidence about your chosen career. You can set realistic targets based on your learning and choose to specialize further in your area of interest.

This work is produced by Simplus Information Services Pvt Ltd. Customer engagement through content.

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Tips on how to learn

Six etiquettes of learning:

1. Remaining quiet and listening attentively.
2. Asking questions in a good manner.
3. Understanding the concept well.
4. Memorizing.
5. Teaching.
6. Acting upon the knowledge and keeping to its limits.

Ways to combat Stress

Nowadays, almost every other person is battling stress, regardless of age or income levels. Stress is amongst the biggest killers and is linked to many diseases including those related to the heart, immune system, digestive and hormonal functions and many more. The mind-body connection is more and more being acknowledged and a lot of research has gone into figuring how stress affects the functioning of our bodies. Though most times we cannot control the external factors that trigger stress, we surely can control our reaction towards the same. Here are some ways you can combat stress and lead a more fulfilling and happy life.

Live in the moment and practice mindfulness.  All great philosophers have advocated this seemingly simple but difficult to follow principle of living in the present and not ruing over the past or fretting about the future which is beyond our control. 

Instead of lighting up a ciggie and going for that one peg of your favourite hard drink, hit the stairs or go for a quick walk. It is a better way to channelise the excess nervous energy. In the bargain, you not just charge yourself and also get the necessary exercise.

Do not aim for comfort foods which give you a temporary rush due to refined carbohydrates and sugars, apart from adding those extra kilos. Chomp an apple or a banana instead.

Meditate and look inwards. The path to peace lies inside and not outside. Meditation has been proven to reduce blood pressure and improve the immune system and quell anxiety. It recharges your body and mind.

Do deep breathing as it helps lower cortisol - the hormone which is released in response to stress.

Follow a regular routine to bed and adhere to the same. Practising yog nidra helps relax muscles and slows down the heart rate and aids in getting better sleep. A well rested body harbours a stress free mind.

Do something new. Engaging in a  new hobby, learning to play an instrument or even simply changing your hair style helps to pump up the mood and boost one’s happiness quotient. Listen to music; it helps soothe the nerves.

Exercise. Exercising releases endorphins—which helps to sleep better and thus reduces stress.

Take a break. Even a short holiday helps break the chain of stress and diverts the mind.

Hang around with friends and do things together. Spending time with friends increases the sense of belonging. Having friends who exude positivity has an enriching impact.

Take up a social cause and volunteer. People who engage is giving others have an elevated sense of fulfillment and happiness. Like Mahatma Gandhi said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Nurture a pet or take care of a stray animal. Being around animals and nurturing them not just makes us happy but also impacts our health positively and wipes out stress.

A little bit of stress is inevitable and can be managed with these tips. However, if things are getting out of control, it is best to consult a doctor and get the requisite treatment.

Winston Churchill once said “When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.”  Don’t be stressed about being stressed about stressful things which never existed or possibly will never ever exist. Life ultimately is mind over matter. If it is not in your mind, it will not matter.

Countries facing the greatest shortage of skills

According to recent data from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), several countries are have difficulty finding qualified employees, given the rapid technological advances and the digitization of the workplace. Increasingly, it is becoming difficult for workers to match the skills required by the employers for a given job.

Among those countries, 81% of employers in Japan, India and Brazil are finding it particularly difficult to hire suitable employees with apt skill sets. The survey revealed that 45% of workers in most countries believed that they lacked the required skills which would empower them to effectively perform their job. 3 out of 10 workers agreed that they were equipped for the job and that they could handle more work pressure or perform on more demanding tasks. About 40% of employers globally complained that they were facing challenges in hiring the right talent.

In a fast-paced digital world where technology is transofrming seamlessly and computers are getting smarter and more efficient than humans, it is critical for humans to constantly work on honing their skills, especially in the areas of critical thinking and creativity, to ensure that they remain highly employable. 
In the near future, or a few years from now, a large percentage of skills considered important as on today will most likely be redundant or of lesser value. In 2015, skills such as complex problem solving, people management, quality control, active listening and negotiation were considered critical skills to possess. This order may change five years down the line or an entirely different set of skills may be required of an employee.

This list of countries running short on required skills is in ascending order.

United States
United Kingdom


Sharpen your skills

A very strong woodcutter asked for a job in a timber merchant and he got it.

The woodcutter was determined to do his best.

His boss gave him an axe and showed him the area where he supposed to work.

The first day, the woodcutter brought 18 trees.

Boss: Congratulations! Go on with it!
Woodcutter: Yes Boss! I will work harder!

The woodcutter tried harder next day, but he could only 15 trees.

The third day, he tried even harder, but he could only bring 10 trees.

Day after day he was bringing less and less trees.

The woodcutter went to the boss and apologized. He said that "I must be losing my strength!".

Boss: "When was the last time you sharpened your axe?".

Woodcutter: Sharpen? I had no time sharpen my axe. I have been very busy trying to cut trees...".

Nowadays, everyone is busier than ever.

But we should not forget to spend time to relax, learn and grow.

Otherwise, we would lose our effectiveness and waste our potential.

Courtesy LifeHacker

Do not get pulled down by others opinion or view

28 year old Saumya Gupta had dreamt of flying ever since she was a toddler. She attended her nursery interview with an aeroplane in her hand! After her 12th grade, she went to the U.S of A to do her pilot’s training course and returned to India with aspirations of flying with a commercial airline. This was in 2008 when due to recession, many jobs were lost and recruitment in the airline industry was rather slow. The aviation sector was undergoing a slowdown and getting a  job there was a challenge. Saumya shares “I was without a job for almost 15 months. It was a major setback for me mentally as the outside world didn’t understand that aviation was undergoing a slowdown and most people believed there was a problem with me as a person or perhaps I was incompetent. My parents were worried as a lot had been invested in my pilot training course & I was still sitting at home”. After staying at home for a year, leading the teenager party life, her parents told Saumya that she had to support herself.

Saumya says “Where ever I applied, I was rejected as I was not even a graduate since I had done my pilot’s training course after 12th grade. I took up a job at Talwalkars Gym as a receptionist for Rs.5000/- but couldn’t do it for more than 7 days. I let that go & decided to join a call center where the salary was Rs.20000. I had no other option and was happy that finally I got a decent job”. The call center job wasn’t easy & was nowhere close to what Saumya had dreamt of or aspired for. Working at odd hours in the night and sleeping during the day, against the normal body clock, started taking a  toll on her. Saumya says “I was really fed up. I asked my parents if I could get a few garments & sell from home. They immediately agreed & supported my idea. I then bought 30 garments from a garments exporter and set up a small exhibition in my tiny bedroom at home. The clothes were displayed on the bed. We were sold out before the announced date of the exhibition. Many people used to like my personal choice of clothes and style & were looking forward to the clothes I would be selling. They came on early and the stocks were sold out”!  Saumya  was ready again to get the batch of the next lot of 45 clothes. In the meanwhile, she continued taking calls at night & sold clothes during the day. She needed the capital flowing and hence continued with her job. The next exhibition too was successful and her clothes were sold out completely yet again! Customers started requesting her for customisation. She then started stocking  few garments in small boutiques across many cities and started selling under the label “Ten on Ten”. Her label became very popular on Facebook and her business idea gathered momentum.  When she found some stability in her business and revenues started flowing in, Saumya quit the call center job after a year and registered her company in 2011.

Saumya’s mother was browsing on Facebook where she stumbled upon an advertisement by Fashion & You.  She shared the same with Saumya and they decided to write to them. Saumya says “We were completely stuck as we had no professional shoot & not even a professional camera, neither a computer. We used my dad’s laptop at night as during the day my dad used it. Luckily for me, a friend who was learning photography wanted to shoot, & my elder sister helped me connect with a friend who was a model & didn’t care about the payment. My mother & I also stood outside colleges & targetted pretty looking girls requesting them to model against a barter offer of dresses from us. Many looked upon us as creeps but one of them actually accepted our offer. We also gave them their pictures for their Facebook profile picture. We did our shoot & sent these images to Fashion & You. Our clothes were appreciated & liked. We were onboarded almost instantly. The response was fantastic and we sold for almost Rs.1,80,000/-. We never looked back after this”.

Saumya set up her own manufacturing unit in Mumbai in October, 2013 and invested in second hand machinery initially and later bought new ones; all with her own funds and without any loan. She adds ”I worked from home all these years like a miser and moved to an office just 3 years ago”.

Ten On Ten has achieved a stupendous growth and now closes almost 8500 orders per month & manufactures for multi-brand lifestyle stores as well. Saumya adds “In future we wish to go omni-channel & may be even get a round of funding. We are growing very fast at almost 10 times every year”. Their revenues are close to Rs.12 crores annually!


Saumya’s journey was not free of many other challenges. She informs" The biggest challenge I faced was getting the capital rolling. I was way too young to even get a loan. I was 20 years old but one needs to be 23 years at least for a loan. But I had all the support from my parents who were extremely supportive & didn’t care about the change in my career". Saumya was also fortunate that her parents showered her with ample knowledge and gave her direction as they too were from the garment industry. Her parents had spent a huge amount of money on her pilot training and Saumya too felt she needed to do something. Saumya says “The hardest part was when people started saying that I was never serious about my flying and that’s why I did not succeed though I had got my pilot’s licence at 19. However, these constant taunts by people pushed me to work harder and prove them wrong”.


Saumya advises “I would like to tell people who are jobless due to any reason that there are many opportunities out there; you just need to find what you are good at! Pursue something in that field. You will find happiness in it every single day. You will automatically grow. Don’t get pulled down by other people’s opinions or views. There will be difficult days and these will be long and often. But they  will teach you the meaning of the good days. It’s a balance of both, just keep sailing. What’s gone behind, let it go,else the extra baggage will sink your ship. Keep your head high and have faith. Nothing lasts forever”.

Images Courtesy: Ten On Ten Clothing.

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TripFactory is hiring Graduates

Dear Candidate, is Hiring for Customer Support/ Travel Expert (Day Shift / Office Job) at Bangalore. Please apply if interested.

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Qualification: Any Graduate - Freshers or 0 to 1 year experience. 

Candidates should know to speak fluent Hindi

Job Description: Travel Expert Trainees at TripFactory are required to assist travelers to create a holiday for them. Delivers timely, accurate & professional assistance to all customers.

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Capgemini is hiring 2016 Passed outs

Imagine landing a job at Capgemini in just 2 months and opening the door to a rewarding career. It's possible now, if you enrol for our Young Graduate Program for IT (YGP-IT).


B.Sc. (CS, IT, Electronics, Maths, Physics, Statistics) or B.C.A
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Only 2016 graduates
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Remembering Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir

Born in India, Learned in India, Served for India, Died in India.

Department of Awesomeness pays its respect to the 11th President of India and a Teacher Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Sir.

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, The People's President of India.

Famous Quotes of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Sir:

“Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.”

“Don’t take rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.”

“Man needs difficulties in life because they are necessary to enjoy the success.”

“If you want to shine like a sun. First burn like a sun.”

“Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness.“

“For me, there are two types of people: the young and the experienced.”

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”

“Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career."

“Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.”

"Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work."

Mohammed Ahmed F
Chief Administrative Officer,
Department of Awesomeness.

Covenant Hiring in Chennai

Dear Candidate,

We currently have opportunities with leading No1 Mnc Bpo for the following position

AR Caller / AR Calling (Voice Process)

Min.0 to 9years exp
Good Communication in English
Fresher (Arts & Science / BE / Diploma) with Backlogs (Arrears) Can Apply.
Pay Freshers 12,500/- (take home) CTC 2,20,000/- 
Exp Max 27,000/- CTC 3,20,000/-
Incentives upto 3000/- per month.
Shift timing - US Shifts 5:30pm to 2:30am 
Free Transport, Pick Up / Drop.
5 days work (2 days fixed weekends off)
Work Location - Tidal Park
Spot Offers Will Be Given!!

Rounds of Interview:
1)HR Round
2)Team Manager
3)Ops Manager
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Date : 14th & 16th June 2016
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Shalom Nijanta
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TripFactory is hiring Graduates is Hiring for Travel Expert (Desk Job) at Bangalore. Please apply if interested.

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TnQ Books and Journals Hiring in Chennai


TnQ Books and Journals is hiring "Graphics Trainee". If you are interested in looking out for a job opportunity, kindly meet us with your updated resume, at the below address for the written/technical tests as well as the preliminary interview process.

Who we are looking for?

A person who is good in Photoshop / Illustrator & wanted to initiate his/ her career in Graphics.

Eligibility to apply for this position:

1. Should be a Graduate or 10+ 3yrs Diploma holder in any stream
2. Should not have any standing arrears
3. Should be willing to work in rotational shifts (No night shifts for women)
4. Having done a certified course in Photoshop / Illustrator will be an added advantage. 

Interested candidates kindly walk in with your resume to the below mentioned venue or send your resume to

If you have placed in any other organization and not willing to move, please do share this information and refer your friends who would match the above criteria.

Interview Date: June 6, 2016
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Surya K
Senior Executive HR